may be news here? blortblort releases 3 banks for Synplant!!!

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  • blortblort

    howdy folks!
    while these have been released for a while, I never came by here to honor of my delinquency- please go to my sellfy site and feel free to use the code "SynF0rum" at checkout to receive 40% discount from the regular $20 each cost!
    code will be good from now until August 12, 2017

    blortblort's main sellfy site

    products included in the sale:
    Boards of Carrollton


  • SIC

    The Boards of Carrollton sounds are gorgeous. Brilliant work! I am going to be purchasing a couple of these when I get paid.Very generous discount too.
    I love Synplant :)

  • blortblort

    Thanks so much for the kind words, jb!
    I hope you are enjoying these banks ;]

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