Request: Scripts for Synplant

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  • AB459

    Hi :D, just some idea, would be interesting to see some scripts for synplant (like for other products), well, what it ca be ? - random already presented by native setting, so, maybe some timbre-related modifications ? For example, "make more smooth" or "more bright" (for current preset), something like that, and in general various timbre transformations based on gene setting. Also, for random, would be good make script for more subtle random (than exist, which change timbre significantly).
    What you think.

  • synclab

    damn I've just asked for something similar hahah haven't read this though :P I definitively second this request!

  • AB459

    synclab hehe yep. Hm btw morphing between presets (like in microtonic) very good idea.

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