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  • Walker Davis

    Any chance Synplant will get an update for the NKS mappings for Maschine and the Kontrol-S Keyboards?

  • Fredrik Lidström

    I know about NKS but I do not own a Kontrol-S Keyboard. Could you explain what type of mapping you would like?

  • Walker Davis

    Fredrik, thankx for the response.

    Before examining the mappings I have put together below, I have to say that my request for Synplant to be NKS ready has to do more with the browser feature. I don't own a Kontrol-S Keyboard either, and I do not use Komplete Kontrol that often, but I do use Maschine, which utilizes the NKS. I don't know if you are aware(I recently found out myself), but Maschine has two ways to open plug-ins. The first is through their dropdown menu in the middle of the DAW, the second is to browse on the hardware/within the NKS ready library. When you browse through the NKS method, you can quickly change preset, scroll through patches, and limit your search to certain types of sounds. This is much faster than mousing and clicking(for me at least). Maschine has roughly mapped the automatable parameters/controls within Synplant, mine might be a little better, but the real benefit of making Synplant NKS-ready would be the browser feature.

    As for the mappings, I looks like Synplant has 21 automatable parameters/controls. The NKS design includes pages of 8 controls that correlate to the 8 knobs on Maschine/Kontrol-S Keyboards. Something like this would definitely suffice.

    Page 1:
    Knob 1- Modulation
    Knob 2- Wheel Scaling
    Knob 3- Tuning
    Knob 4- Atonality
    Knob 5- Effect
    Knob 6- Release
    Knob 7- Rotation
    Knob 8- Volume

    Page 2:
    Knob 1- Branch 1
    Knob 2- Branch 2
    Knob 3- Branch 3
    Knob 4- Branch 4
    Knob 5- Branch 5
    Knob 6- Branch 6
    Knob 7- Branch 7
    Knob 8- Branch 8

    Page 2:
    Knob 1- Branch 9
    Knob 2- Branch 10
    Knob 3- Branch 11
    Knob 4- Branch 12
    Knob 5- Velocity Sensitivity

    Thanks for getting back to me, hopefully you guys and implement the NKS sometime soon. I urge you to try using other plug-ins that are NKS-ready within Maschine to see how fast it is when going through them.



  • Tom Mosler


    It would be cool to have access to all parameters of synthesis inside Synplant from Maschine. Sonic Charge need to make all those DNA knobs available for mapping :)

    Until that keep in mind that making your own NKS patches inside Maschine is very easy.
    All needs to be done first is to map knobs you want to use to proper pages, name the pages and after that you can start saving patches with correct tags.

    What I'm doing if I want some plugin presets in NKS format is: load a preset inside i.e. Synplant, 'Save as...' in Maschine as .nksf format, tag it in browser to proper category and it's done. Then I have access to it from Maschine hardware.

    It is very time consuming task to save all factory patches, but can be done.

  • Walker Davis


    I haven't tried saving any mappings within Maschine, but I will. I am not too interested in getting into all of the synthesis parameters within Synplant, I feel like part of its charm/usability has to do with not getting too deep into all of that.... That's just me though.

    Thinking about it, having all of the presets saved into the NKS format is really what I am looking for. I don't want to take them time to do all of that myself, as there seem to be a few hundred presets... The Synplant presets are organized really nice as they have sybtype/attributes written in their title, but searching for them NKS style, without using the mouse to click through them, would be a lot faster.

  • Ulf Hammarqvist

    I'd also love to get access to the DNA parameters! Just expose them as VST parameters, and most mapping use cases are solved. (I've got no need for NKS ;) )

  • Stephen Wey

    This is done now by myself and some collaborators on the NI forum


  • Kenneth Lyon

    This is a probably a stupid question, but the results of a google search have been vague. How is that actually installed (or whatever) to use Synplant with a Komplete Kontrol keyboard?

  • Stephen Wey

    Hi there are now NKS for Synplant 2 here:


    I wrote a guide for how to install:


  • Kenneth Lyon

    Thank you very much, Stephen!

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