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  • philter

    my name is philipp and i´ve been a big fan of the Sonic Charge Products
    for the past few years.
    i own microtonic and Synplant and use them both in almost every track.
    my style is some sort of experimental, glitchy techno ,i think i will
    upload some audio demos using only Microtonioc and Synplant asap.
    i hope i understand this scripting language that is available now,
    i am very interested how to use it.

    as a little present for you all:
    here is a free Synplant Patch Collection i made, it contains
    111 dark,shrill and noisy Sounds.
    you can download the "Paranoid Plants Pack" here: DOWNLOAD

    or here at KVR:

    Sonic Charge: I´m loving it! :D

  • philter

    ...of course i can upload the plant pack here, too if that is okay... :unsure:

  • Fredrik Lidström

    - philter wrote:
    ...of course i can upload the plant pack here, too if that is okay... :unsure:

    Of course, uploading your work is very welcome on this forum. For security reasons there are limitations as to which file types you are allowed to upload. I have tried to cover all the common file types but if the file is not recognized/allowed and you think it should be added, just PM me.

  • philter

    ...just uploaded the RAR file with the presets. hope you like it

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