MicroTonic Drum Rack for Ableton Live

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  • Magnus Lidström

    In case you haven't seen this one on the Ableton forum already, Tom Mosler made this wicked little drum-rack for µTonic. It basically lets you work with the separate output version of µTonic as a single instrument on a single track, allowing you to easily place different effects on the different channels. I made this rough little Youtube-demo some months ago:

    YouTube Video

    The drum-rack is available for download here: VST-MicroTonic Drum Rack.adg(7kB, 1915 downloads)

    Thanks Tom.

  • Dennis Harms

    Thanks again! This is really awesome!


  • BoB SwanS

    Use this all the time now! Many thanks go to Tom!


    Great addons ! thanx guyz

  • Markus Herring


    Many thanks


  • Markus Herring

    Apologies where to I place the .adg file?



  • Magnus Lidström

    - Markus wrote:
    Apologies where to I place the .adg file?

    Any place you can reach from Live's built-in patch / sample browser.

  • raymond franklyn

    Nice Rack..........

  • NTNS909


  • gijsdebruin

    - Magnus Lidström wrote:
    Any place you can reach from Live's built-in patch / sample browser.

    If you put the VST-MicroTonic Drum Rack.adg file in [your Live install directory]\Presets\Instruments\Drum Rack\Kit, it will be shown together with all the other drum racks

  • Cédric Buron

    That's really great and usefull,


  • Roland Hancock

    That's hotness!

  • Tom Watson

    thanks for this one!

  • Nebulae

    This is fabulous!

  • Nadav Vee Havakook


  • florian bologna

    thank you it's great! ;)
    but I could not get instaled \ Instruments \ Drum Rack \ Kit ... Ableton Live 7.O.18 OSX
    Message: preset Can not be loaded. It is probably damaged

    because of this live 7.0.18 MAC OSX ?
    again I not find the link "VST Micro Tonic drum rack adg" Tom Mosler on the forum ableton
    please elp me?

    thank you Magnus for the beautiful instruments ( u-tonic and symplant) ;))

  • florian bologna

    thank youuuu Tom for you work :D

  • Tom Watson

    It's cool, but I can't seem to route individual µtonic channels to specific audio channels. I think I'll have to go back to using the tonic as I used to: Normal Multiout VST without the drum rack thingy.... I just group the tracks with CMD+G and it's pretty much the same thing ;)

    I looked into it a bit deeper. With Return Chains and Sends I have found peace.

    Great little setup!

  • Tronikform


    I'm more than happy that everybody is enjoying this little drum rack :)

    PS. Rack was made in Ableton Live 8.2 so it will not work in previous versions.
    So, here is version for Live 7: VST-MicroTonic Drum_Rack_Live7.adg.zip(4.04kB, 1224 downloads)


    - Tom Mosler wrote:
    So, here is version for Live 7: VST-MicroTonic Drum_Rack_Live7.adg.zip(4.04kB, 1224 downloads)

    very considerate of you to do this for v.7


  • Brandon Harris


    This is exactly what I needed.

    But . . . will the Live7 version work on Live 8.1?


    EDIT: Also, what if I wanted to make the patterns in Ableton, and the MIDI notes I create trigger the sounds in microTonic? Is that possible using this same set-up?

    EDIT (again): never mind. sorted.

  • Stefan Kragh

    Hey all,

    Bumping this for the Live 11 era.
    Would the routing be handled any different now?
    Any point in making this an AU?

    Take care

  • Louis Boland

    Just tried it in Ableton 11.2.6 with MT 3.3.3 and it worked perfectly.

  • Nebulae

    ^ Same!

  • RootNotez

    For anyone struggling with this, note that the External Instrument device is only available on Abelton Live Standard or Suite Editions. If you are running the Lite or Intro editions; you don't have access to External Instruments device; and this approach to running Microtonic will not work for you.


  • REYN

    Ah yes, works perfectly! Thanks!

    Cheers, Reyn.

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