WHEN you release Synplant 2?

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  • Michael Schirmer

    I LOVE every sonic charge plugin, because of it creative possiblities of use and the lack of bugs and feature gaps. So Sonic Charge Plugins are the only one which I use without any problems like every other serious company and their bigger plugins.

    So Im waiting for my new TO-GO Synth so bad! When will you release it??

  • Fredrik Lidström

    As soon as it is done, I promise. =)

  • Quickmix

    I think it's simple. It's done when it's done :)

  • fxbip

    Synplant would rule the world with genes automations!!!

  • Michael Schirmer

    I wait to buy synplant 2! Im tired of using FM8 because of the missing of the creative experimenting...

    But it is the only synth with low CPU&extremely many possibilities.

  • F.X.Randomiz

    .......1........ -> >> ROLI Seaboard RISE support !!!! That would be so... uiuiuiuiuiu :D [1]

    .2.-->>> and Synplant is predestined to be an iOS App - no need for a keyboard; [2]

    Those are my only two wishes. Other than that Synplant is perfect like it is!

  • Joe Swainson

    Please be this year ;)

  • geoslake

    Synplant is amazing (demoing it now), I agree that it just NEEDS genes automation.
    And also a resizable, vector gui (a thing every modern plugin should have imho).

  • nic

    ehm....can you please Lidstrom Bros tell us something about Synplant 2?........(please,please,please) ;-)

  • Magnus Lidström

    Ok. I can tell you it will have gene automation. :)

    I'm sorry Synplant version 2 is taking so long. I've been working on a technology that might become something of a game changer on how you create and discover synth patches. I really want this tech to be a part of the Synplant upgrade cause it fits the product so perfectly, but it has been an incredible time sink for me, and unfortunately it can't really be retrofitted back onto Synplant once we have committed to the updated genetics for Synplant version 2.

    Work is progressing nicely though, and as soon as I feel confident that we can pull it off we should have an ETA for release.

  • nic

    many thanx for your answer!
    Now I'm even more curious about the new version!!!
    Good work and thank you for your high-creative instruments!

  • Beepsonore Beep

    Vivement ,ce generator est superbe

  • Rob Roff

    Please please do support MPE! So please allow a +/-48 note pitch bend range note per channel) and per channel assignment of timbre/slide (cc74) and aftertouch etc.


  • Greg Killmaster

    Another vote for MPE. All my keyboards are this now... well except for my NKS keyboard :)

  • Michael Schirmer


    I would only use them if every effect would be available from you!

    I love the design , the creative usage and the fun with Sonic Charge plugins!
    So Im looking forward to Synplant 2, even it is maybe buggy or has a lack of functions... (so no pressure ;) )
    But I love the Sonic Charge Style and they are a major part of my music! (EVERY single kick is made with microtonic as example)

  • calle sjönell

    And now when PO-32 is released, any thoughts on the next Synplant release? Your ideas for the new versions seem so cool. Holding off getting SugarBytes Factory...

  • be.sonore

    Symplant 2! Symplant 2 symplant 2!

  • Wet Dentist

    yes. hopefully Synplant 2 has been put on the front burner with hot water & is cooking up nicely now. since the 64 bit version, i think every other product has been given that kind of attention. so hopefully now it is Synplant 2's turn!!!

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