Sliding notes in Synplant FL Studio 12 ???

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  • Henry Eme

    Hi, I just finished the 3week free demo trial and I can say that this is a fantastic vst. I had one problem though, I wasnt able to slide notes even though I did the settings accordingly like I do with my other vst's. Would be very helpful if I could be able to slide, anyone have any ideas on why? And how to fix?

    Thank You

  • Magnus Lidström

    Glad to hear you like Synplant.

    To be honest I am not sure how they have implemented the sliding note feature in FL Studio. Individual slide per note is not part of the VST standard. Usually with VST synths you have a portamento/glissando button somewhere in the user interface that makes all layered notes slide like that. Unfortunately Synplant (v1.x) does not have such a feature. The only way to slide notes in Synplant is by using the pitch wheel.

  • Henry Eme

    Oh ok, guess just have to cope without it. Thanks for the reply!

  • rzzz_2000

    I believe, that FL Studio note slides only work in the piano roll with native FL Studio plugins.

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