Echobode RE/VST parity?

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  • Gabe Tompkins

    Now that Echobode has finally been released for VST/AU formats, is there a plan to eventually migrate some of those refinements back to the RE version? I own both, but miss some of the newer features in the RE such as the HP filter, smear control and LFO shapes. Best regards.

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Sorry to say but we do not have any RE development or upgrades planned right now.

  • Mariano C

    That is a bummer. The reason market is starting to grow again and this is still the best pitch shifter in the rack. You should re consider ;)

  • J. Pablo Arceo

    What's the difference between VST/AU and Re Version I haven't launched it yet I have the RE, and I'm just migrating to mac.

  • Joey Luck

    Any update/news on this? I too would really love to see these features in the Rack Extension version :) And I think it could be a paid update.

    And Echobode certainly deserves a little bump in the shop to receive more attention ;)

  • Gabe Tompkins

    I... guess this won't be necessary after all. :)

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Yes, sorry about really short and negative answer to your original post. Now you can understand why we decided to stop RE development, but at that time I had to bite my tongue. =)

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