Program Eventide h3000 reverse shift echoes on Permut8?

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  • Wilson Rivera

    Hi, I wonder if it is possible to get this sort of effect on Permut8, I have been getting something but its not close to that classic effect, I'm pretty sure it can be done on Permut8 but sadly I lack the skills to get it done! I've been trying for days and I'm dying to get this effect. I dont want to have to buy Soundtoys crystallizer since I have the beautiful Permut8 already. Could someone help me with this. Thanks!

  • Wilson Rivera

    So I have gotten something a little close to what I've been looking for, funny enough all I did was modify the Infinite Climb preset a bit, here it is

    Permut8ProgramV1: {
    	Name: "Crystal Echo"
    	Modified: false
    	InputLevel: -1.05839920 dB
    	Limiter: Off 
    	FilterFreq: HP 593.54052734 Hz
    	FilterPlacement: Input 
    	FeedbackAmount: 86.90000153 %
    	FeedbackFlip: On 
    	FeedbackInvert: Off 
    	OutputLevel: 1.74959946 dB
    	Mix: 40.00000000 %
    	ClockFreq: 1/2 
    	SyncMode: Standard 
    	Reverse: On 
    	Operator1: MUL 
    	Operand1.High: 0x02 
    	Operand1.Low: 0x03 
    	Operator2: SUB 
    	Operand2.High: 0xF0 
    	Operand2.Low: 0xFF 

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