Volume Synplant slowly fade till you hear nothing.

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  • Stack Matik

    I downloaded a trial version of synplant which I wanna try, now there is one problem. Synplant does receive MIDI and when I hit a key when I switch a preset I hear sound for a short amout of time before it slowly fades till I hear nowthing, it also sounds like it pitch it pitchshifting.

    I use the latest version of Ableton and Capitain on Mac.

  • Fredrik Lidström

    It sounds like the trial has expired. Does the plant in the interface wither and die when you open it up?

  • Stack Matik

    No, it's just like it's supposed to be. That's why it's so strange. Any idea what it can be?

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Honestly, I have no clue. Never heard about anything like that.

    How many weeks does the trial dialog say you have left?

    Other things to test and double check:

    • Make sure there are no other effects in the chain.
    • Try both VST and AU.
    • If you have had any previous version, make sure it is removed completely and then download a new installer from our site.
    • Try a different host. If you do not have one, try a free one like VSTLord
  • Nate Delizzotti

    this is happening to me too and I have no idea what else I could try to fix it

  • Magnus Lidström

    - Nate Delizzotti wrote:
    this is happening to me too and I have no idea what else I could try to fix it

    Let me get this straight. You are also using running Synplant under trial and your three weeks have not expired yet? The GUI branches do not wither and die (everything looks normal) but the sound does fade out and drop in pitch?

    If this is true I must look into the trial logic in Synplant. Perhaps something broke with the last update.

  • Adarsh Narayanan

    same here. what is exactly happening is that the key is used to trigger a midi note. accordingly, the branch for that note lights up and wiggles (like normal) and it's clear that synplant is receiving the signal. This happens under trial and after purchase as well :( The GUI branches do NOT wither and are FULLY alive but the sound fades out and drops in pitch about 2-3 seconds after you press any key.

    every time the preset is changed, you have about 4-5 seconds to play notes. after the first half second, the pitch and volume reduce to zero over the course of 2-3 seconds and you can't hear anything no matter which key you hit. the preset has to be changed, and then this cycle can be immediately repeated. if you wait more than 2-3 seconds after changing the preset, you cannot hear anything...please figure something out :(

    Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 9.19.23 am.png
  • Fredrik Lidström

    Still not able to reproduce this. Are you sure you are using the latest version and that you have downloaded it from our site and nowhere else?

    - Adarsh Narayanan wrote:
    This happens under trial and after purchase as well :(

    I cannot check if the license looks ok because I could not find any purchase under your account. Please contact me through the support form and give me your license details.

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