Permut 8 wishes

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  • Shawn Richard

    1. i wish there was a switch to disable the pitch-shit/filter when moving the Clock Freq knob. that also with the Sync switch.
    2. I wish the new random button was available for automation. I love it
    3. I wish that you can mix the instruction 1 and 2 set firmware without loading another instants of the affect because when loading another instance there will be more warmth and frequency cutoff. It is noticeable.
    4. I wish the frequency cut off could be disabled and or separate from the clock rate.
    5. I would like to thank all of the developers for this great piece of software.
  • AB459

    My wishes - Pardon, let me greed, I very want to two separate firmwares: granular and comb-filter fx's ! Yes, there is already Flakes, but would be cool to have two full this effects, i.e. which will be fully dedicated to specific algorithm, without focus on arpeggio (although it interesting too) .

  • Martin Géč

    A button to minimize clicks and pops or disable them altogether would be great.

  • AB459

    Well, if it will be optionally, then maybe ok, but for example I'm contrary, love various instabilities like clicks and other random interesting distortions.

  • Shawn Richard

    I wish you can adjust the clock frequency without affecting the sound with the lo-fi effect. When going back wet and dry you can hear the differences when the clock is all the way up. A switch to turn off this effect. You can turn the clock all the way up but its not where i want to be with my effect settings.

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