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  • sandbags


    I'd like to manipulate the clock freq control using a MIDI LFO that sends out MIDI CC. Is this possible?


  • Magnus Lidström

    Sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately, Permut8 does not have a built-in MIDI CC mapping feature. I can think of two possible solutions. First (and most obvious), check if your DAW has the necessary support for mapping CC -> plug-in parameter. (Which is your DAW?)

    The second solution assumes it is possible to configure the MIDI LFO tool to output MIDI pitch bend data instead of CC data. If this is the case you can put Permut8 in "Frequency" MIDI mode, send a long sustained note and use the pitch bend to control the clock frequency.

  • sandbags

    Hi Magnus.

    No worries, thanks for getting back to me.

    I've used the MIDI Frequency mode with the keyboard which was what made me think how useful it would be to get MIDI CC. I'm not aware that Ableton Live has of converting CC into automation or that MIDIShaper (the VST I am using) can do note output although that's an interesting suggestion for them.

    I guess one option would be a Max4Live patch or some kind of Reaktor instrument to do this. It's probably within my capabilities although my discretionary time for musical messing about is so limited I am loathe to spend it building widgets.

    But a good thought, thanks.


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