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  • Greg Jedynecki

    So I recently bought and downloaded Synplant.

    Upon beginning to mess around with it, I noticed that whenever I dragged a branch,it made no sound. No matter what setting I would change, or what preset seed I would try, none of them made any sound. Everything else in FL Studio 11 works fine.

    In fact, whenever I load Synplant into the piano roll, and place a note, I can hear it just fine, but in Synplant itself, I have no clue what sound I'm making.

    I thought I had solved this problem when messing around in the settings, I had clicked "Reset plugin" under the "Info" tab, and like that, I had sound from what I was dragging.

    Unfortunately, this relief did not last long as whenever I click away from Synplant and onto something like another plugin, or anywhere on FL really, the sound disappears again. Same happens when I switch presets.

    The only way I can switch between sounds while being still being able to hear them is if I create a random seed or open a patch once I reset the plugin.

    When I am able to hear sound, FL recognizes it as well because the peak meter shows the sound, while when I can't hear the sound, the peak meter doesn't pick anything up either.

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled Synplant, nothing has worked.

    I've googled it to no avail, no one seems to have a problem similar to this.

    I'm not sure how one would fix this, so I've come to the forums. Unless of course this si just how the program is supposed to work, and I just have to deal with it. (which to be honest, isn't that bad, in fact I'd rather find out that this is how the program is supposed to operate than find out that this is an unfix-able problem)

    Help would be appreciated.


  • Fredrik Lidström

    Sorry to hear about your problems. This is not how it is intended to work. You are supposed to hear the sound when you trigger the branches, either by clicking inside the plant or at the key-ring buttons.

    It is the first time I hear about a problem like this and it is of course working as intended in my FL Studio so I am not able to reproduce your problem.

    Did you figure anything out? When you lose sound, can you still play it by MIDI?

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