switching via midi to alternate os

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  • sebastian


    i like the permut 8 plug in very much. yesterday i found the option to trigger via my launchpad the presets in prog mode. incredible!
    is there an option or plans to switch also the firmwares (e.g. some mozaik presets, some ring mod and some from beatrick?)

    thanks in advance.

  • Magnus Lidström

    Thanks for your feature request. Program switching with a MIDI controller or with sequencer notes is indeed a lot of fun! Unfortunately the software architecture in Permut8 makes it difficulty to implement what you propose.

    The reason is that loading an alternative firmware requires compilation of the firmware assembler code and construction of a new "virtual machine" to run this in, which is something that requires a lot of CPU time. Too much CPU time to do in the DAW's audio thread. It would certainly cause audio buffer underruns and drop outs.

    The only solution would be to have one virtual machine ready to run for each different firmware loaded into memory, and that would be a big rewrite of the architecture, so yeah, I'd say the chances are slim to be honest.

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