Please a volume parameter!

Michael Schirmer277 views6 posts
  • Michael Schirmer

    I like Echobode, but because of the feedback it would be nice to have a volume parameter! Why? because if I make wet automation i dont want to make volume fader automation too!

  • Magnus Lidström

    Feature request noted. Thanks for the feedback. The benefit of a separate volume control has occurred to me too. It's tricky to squeeze in another knob there though, as the GUI is laid out now.

  • deft_bonz

    Definitely an out volume parameter is needed.
    Not only for automation, but also for proper gain staging.

    GUI will probably needs an overhaul then :)

  • johnjohnson

    +1 For gain staging

  • Dumbo

    Maybe it's already there and I just missed it (?) but the opportunity to adjust in/out volume would be really great!

  • deft_bonz

    Yeah... any update on this one?

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