Echobode - program change?

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  • dave dove

    hey there
    is there a way to use MIDI program change messages with Echobode?
    using Ableton Live
    would like to send program changes for live performance
    great delay thingy... :)


  • Magnus Lidström

    Sorry, no, Echobode itself does not listen to MIDI program or control changes and unfortunately Ableton doesn't let you control VST program changes with MIDI afaik. One can probably design a Max patch that does it, but I don't know enough Max For Live. I am going to look into implementing this request in the future.

    We have some inconsistencies across our product line when it comes to MIDI support. Here is a table that shows which products supports what:

    Product Program Changes Controls Changes
    Microtonic yes yes (also midi out)
    Synplant yes yes
    Permut8 yes no
    Bitspeek no no
    Echobode no no
    Cyclone yes yes
  • dave dove

    thanks Magnus
    means i can't use it live
    still love it


  • Russell Cone

    A work-around is to make an effects rack in Live with multiple instances of Echobode each set to a different preset you want to use and then choose which instance with a chain selector using your midi controller or clip automation. You will want the chain selector to only select a single instance.

  • Udbhav Gupta

    Would love program change support in Echobode as well. The way you handle it in Microtonic and Permut8 is amazing, anything even close to that would be tops!

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