No 25% off Echobode email still

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  • Mr S W Cornish

    Not sure if anyone else has had this, contacted suppurt about two weeks ago about this, still no reply, I want to buy Echobode and I own two Sonic Charge products, now only one week left but still no 25% code through...

  • Fredrik Lidström

    For some reason we are being discriminated by Google. We do not get any bounces, they simply either sort our emails into the Junk folder or just delete them. We do not know why because they are not responding to my support requests. I have made sure that we follow the guidelines they have, all our emails are (dkim) signed and we have the strictest form of anti-spam policies (dmarc and spf).

    All I can do is urge people to pull our mail out of the Junk folder if they find them there and hope that it teaches gmail that we do not send spam.

    Both the original email and the reply to you were accepted by gmail servers. Could you please follow these gmail instructions:

    Please look for the affected message in All Mail, Spam and Trash. In addition, please try an advanced search using the RFC Message-ID. Locate the RFC Message-ID in the message headers, and use the following search in the affected Gmail account, without brackets, in the search field at the top of the Gmail page:

    in:anywhere rfc822msgid:[INSERT MESSAGE-ID HERE]

    Here is what to type to search for the first messages I sent to you:
    and here is the reply to your email:

    If you do find them, please pull them out of the Junk folder to indicate to Google that they are not junk.

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