Problems with stuck notes in Reaper 4.77

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  • Clemens

    Hello folks,

    I have some problems with Synplant ( latest version ) in combination with Reaper ( latest version ).

    I'm not sure if this problems comes from Reaper or from Synplant themself.

    If I start some Midi File within Reaper, I get one stuck notes, mostly Note E. The notes hang up complete, means tone to infinitely. :huh:

    But I also get this effect if I open Synplant as VSt in the DAW to play around with the branch and click some notes via the Key ring! Then also mostely the E note hangs up ( it sounds like as if I press the Key all the time ).

    Whats happend? How I can solve this problem? :wacko:

    I would be happy if you can give me some support.



  • Clemens

    Big Hello!
    I forget to say, the problem is solved. After an update of reaper, synplant work fine:-))

  • Magnus Lidström

    That is a relief! Sorry we hadn't replied to your original post. We had to take down our forum due to a security breach and it took some months to replace it with this home-made system.

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