Drum Patches Randomization

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  • Nowhk

    Is there a way to randomize only the (8) Drum patches?

    Such as, if I found a great Pattern scores, change only the sounds? Or I need to click each time Randomize Drum Patch for each Drum patch (channel)?


  • Nowhk

    No way? Also: is it possible to play two patterns simultaneously?

  • Magnus Lidström

    There is no easier way to completely randomize all drum patches (although I could probably throw together a script for that). There is however, the "alter drum patches" option which randomizes all drum patches slightly. After you've selected it once, shift-click on the main menu button to randomize the patches more and more.

    No. It's not possible to play two patterns simultaneously.

  • Nowhk

    Thanks for the replies!

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