Is demo-ing Synplant still allowed?

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  • DeFalco

    Hi there,

    So, I'd like to try out synplant before purchasing it. Is this still an option?

    I tried installing it the same way i've successfully installed all my other VSTs, but for some reason synplant wont show up in my vst list.

    I'm still using ableton live 8 (32bit) on windows 7. So i dont think it's the 32bit/64bit compatibility issue that i see scattered all over the forums.

    Any ideas what the problem might be?

    Thank you.



  • Fredrik Lidström

    Should not be a problem running Synplant in 32bit live on windows 7. During installation, make sure you select to only install the 32-bit version of the plugin. Also make sure that the correct path is used. After installation, go to your VST folder and check that a Synplant.dll file has been installed there. Now start your host and make sure that it rescans VST plugins and it should show up.

  • DeFalco

    Awesome! Thank you for replying so quick.

    I think the problem may have been that i accidently installed the 64bit version along with the 32bit one.

    Anyways, synplant is working well now and so far it's lots of fun. :)

    Thank you for your help.



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