Permut8- A souns scape/experiment

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  • AbstractCats George

    Hi Guys! I just picked up, Permut8. It is AMAZING! Its my first SC purchase and its not my last :)

    Here is what I've got just experimenting for a short time of manipulating the controls with the mouse(recorded into Edison IL).

    Thanks for listening, Scott/AbstractCats

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Hey Scott,

    Cannot find the track, did you remove it?

  • AbstractCats George

    - Fredrik Lidström wrote:
    Hey Scott,

    Cannot find the track, did you remove it?

    Hi, Fredrik.

    I moved it to my Archive account(sorry I forgot to update). check the original post for the new link. I was runing out of sound cloud time, I really need to go to a paid SC account SC is very good, I think. I also, picked up Synplant at plugin boutique, last week. I'll be doing a commercial bank for it, over the next few months, its an amazing synth. :)

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