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  • Pierre-Luc Granger

    1) I bought Synplant today (12th of May) after my first three weeks of utilisation (Demo).
    2) I uninstalled the first demo and I installed the programm again.
    3) I downloaded and extracted this two patches: Synplant Supplementary Patches and Synplant Crop of Year One.
    4) When I tried to add my license: I receive this message:
    The registration key is already associated with your account.
    5) When I'm trying to use the programm like the old demo, I can read on the right «Unlicensed» under the volume cursor.
    6) Well, I clicked on the «Main Menu» tab, and after on «Register».
    7) A new window is now opened named: «Synplant Registration»
    8) I enter my «Full name», my «E-mail adress» and my «Registration key».
    9) I receive the message:

    The registration name, e-mail and / or key is incorrect, please try again. Contact NuEdge development if the problem persists.

    What step(s) I did wrong?? (sorry for my bad english, I'm french)
    Thanks for your help ;)

    (I sent that message to the technical support too 20 minutes ago (with my billing and registration infos), then, I try this way of communiation to have more chances to get a response :) )

    Thanks for your help ;)

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Hi there,

    Please note that new license keys are only compatible with the new Synplant version 1.2. Do you by any chance have version 1.0 installed? If you do, just download the latest installer from our Download page. Version 1.2 is 100% patch compatible with 1.0.

    If there are any problems. Let me know.

  • Pierre-Luc Granger

    I uninstalled all again and deleted all patches from my computer, I reinstalled the 1,2 version.

    When I opened synplant, I read again that my plant is dead after my three weeks of trying.

    Well, I went to the «Main Menu» tab, clicked on «register», and entered all the three informations required (Full name, e-mail adress, and key registration). Once it's done, I clicked on «Ok». The same message still appeared to me «The registration name, e-mail and / or key is incorrect, please try again. Contact NuEdge development if the problem persists.» ...

    I really don't know what to do... :( I'm still waiting for a response by the message I sent to the support team...

    I don't know if you're the same person or if it's two different departments.

    Thanks again for your help :)


  • Pierre-Luc Granger

    Many thanks for you help :) I have downloaded and installed the 64-bit version, it wasn't the good one. I uninstalled it like you said and tried again but with the 32-bit version, and all is perfect. Many thanks again Fredrik! I'm happy to be able to use that crazy plant again and with all that new patches:) __*Excellent communication, fast response, impeccable service!* __:)Thanks again :)


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