Export Pattern To Audio File

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  • Nowhk

    I see I can export Pattern Chain to Audio File.

    But how can I export a single Pattern (such as A or B?)

    And what if I would like to export Single Pattern Channel for Single Pattern? (such as Pattern Channel 3 or Pattern B).

    Is it possible? Next feature?

  • Elevated_Being

    Couldn't you just record the pattern and delete the B pattern in the recording?

  • konfront tama

    how is this accomplished? id love to be able to export to audio file.

  • Magnus Lidström

    You can of course also turn off the pattern chain, select the individual parts and export them. Same with exporting a single pattern channel. Alt-click a mute button to solo a channel and choose export.

    @Konfront Tama: "Export Pattern to Audio File" is available under the pattern menu if you have purchased Microtonic.

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