Microtonic only has sound on C3 in Ableton Live?

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  • Tricky_Toxic_STL

    I just bought Microtonic and when I load it in Ableton Live 9, I can only get sound on the first channel (C3). I cannot get sound to come from the other 7 channels. I've tweaked parameters on all channels but cannot get sound from them. Is there something I am doing wrong or is Microtonic not compatible with Live 9?

  • Magnus Lidström

    There are two different plugins, one simply called "Microtonic" and another called "Microtonic Multi". It almost sounds to me like you are using the "multi" version?

    Otherwise I am not sure what is wrong. Microtonic is fully compatible with Live 9.

  • Tricky_Toxic_STL

    Thanks for the reply. I was using the Multi version but a little later I realized that may be the problem, then tried the regualr version and it works fine. Problem solved. :)

    Now I am watching a youtube tutorial about how to set up the multi version with Drum Rack so I can use Microtonic on my Push. Once I get this done, I'll be set. :)

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