Separate Swing/Fill rate for each channel

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  • Ross Martyn

    Pretty simple post, a request really. Please could you consider adding separate swing and fill rate functions to each drum channel. You would be able to get some interesting grooves like lazy hi hats with a rushed snare hit for example. The same goes for the fill rate, it would add some depth to building patterns. You could have it as an option to do this and keep the default as a global control (if that makes sense?).

    Less important but still interesting would be a separate sound morph function for each channel.

    Microtonic would then be pretty much perfect!

  • Magnus Lidström

    This is a good idea. I'll make note of it in the Microtonic wish list. Quite a few users have also been requesting individual pattern lengths per drum channel. I like that idea too, but I'm not quite sure how it would work best with chaining.

  • Ross Martyn

    Nice one, thanks! I also thought about individual pattern lengths and step rates but it made my head explode! I don't see how it could work?

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