Spore - 114 Free Patches for Synplant

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  • Matthew Turner

    Still one of my favourite soft synths, this is a collection of some of the patches I've made over the last 5 years.

    Grab 'em here:



  • supairaru


  • Aaron Urbanski

    Thank you!

  • pete

    Thank you!!

  • Pete B

    Thank you, now I want to make it a stand alone, and I been tring with savihost, and im not having any luck, theres got to be another way, any info. would be great, again thank you.

  • Fredrik Lidström

    (thread hijack)

    I use savihost a lot, I probably have an old 32-bit version of it though, if that makes any difference. Did you get it to work? Make sure you use the correct 32/64-bit dll for your savihost version.

  • Pete B

    Hi Fredrik, I tried every way , with savihost, I seem to set it up wrong or something, but theres nothing like the synplant, my opinion, its the best synth, out there, i enjoy using it, i just wish there was a better way to make it a stand alone, it would be my only app, on my screen. you created a very cool synth, and i thank you,.pete

  • Quickmix

    THX, great Presets....

  • David Diogo

    Thanks :)

  • Hristo Vatev

    A lot of great patches in the package! Thank you very much :)

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