TIP: Loading AIFF files into Cyclone using a floppy image

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  • RolandBarfs

    Just a little tip for those interested in loading their own sounds into Cyclone:

    Typhoon is capable of loading AIFF files.

    Method #1*: Drag your AIFF files (.aif) onto the Floppy Baker


    Method #2*: (OS X) Copy your AIFF files (.aif) onto a mounted blank.img file

    You can find a blank.img file in the Typhoon format zip pack here:


    If you use this method, be aware that OS X adds a bunch of invisible cruft into the disk image, which may prevent you from taking advantage of the full capacity of the 720k disk. You can to remove it use the following commands in the Terminal while the image is still mounted:

    cd /Volumes/<Mounted Image> find . -name "._*" -exec rm '{}' \; -print

    Just replace <Mounted Image> with the name of your mounted disk image.

    Remember to unmount the image after you've copied your files.

    Once you have the .img file, you can load it into Typhoon using the standard method found in the manual or the FAQ (http://soniccharge.com/forum/index.php?/topic/600-cyclone-faq/#entry2047)


  • Magnus Lidström

    Excellent tutorial. Thanks.

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