Synplant 2.0

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  • AB459

    - Magnus Lidström wrote:
    But I also have to work on Synplant 2 again

    Maybe few words about it ? )) Sorry if that, i not find any info. Well, in a nutshell, the most significant changes.

  • Magnus Lidström

    - Ant9 wrote:
    Sorry if that, i not find any info. Well, in a nutshell, the most significant changes.

    We have not released anything official about Synplant 2.0 yet. Let us just say that there will be some expected and frequently requested improvements as well as some unexpected surprises (I hope).

  • AB459

    The main thing that comes to mind, this is midiable for gene`s settings.
    Well, let it be as wishes also more feature-rich synthesis engine\methods.
    I think these two things - the best that could wish (for an already good unit), everything else can be done by automation.
    Although of course, the presence of some a built-in tricky modulation system (including pattern, etc.) would also be great, but it is not critical as the first two (imo).
    Well, it just thinking out loud as say))

    Generally, wanted to say, you guys wizards. How do you manage to create such a non-trivial result, in terms of complexity-interesting sound, and absolutely without burdening the CPU - it is strangely different from the trends around. You have created a own programming language? )) No, seriously, what language do you use for synplant\plugs? Sorry that is not quite on topic.

  • be.sonore

    Moi j ai vraiment hate de savoir la sortie de symplant 2.0 avec l automatisaton des genes surtou6 toute mes composition contiennent symplant patch

  • SakisX


    Are there any plans for an ios version?I think an ipad would be ideal for synplant.When I first tried the demo I wish I had a touchscreen :)

    I seriously believe there is strong market-profit motivations for making ios/android app!

    If the day comes send me an email and I'd instantly buy it!

  • tworedstones

    I think that Synplant is the best synth ever.. But.. I don`t understand why the fu_k don`t support 64 bits. I need to buy this software now but i can´t.

  • tworedstones

    I work on Logic X.

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Synplant does not support 64-bit because of the simple reason that it has not been updated since 2009. When we drew up the plan to start upgrading our product line to 64-bit, we had already started development on a Synplant upgrade. The project was in pieces and far from ready to even compile, so we decided that we would wait with Synplant until we upgraded the other products.

    Last year when we finally got time to get back to Synplant development, we thought about the idea of rolling back all changes to get back to Synplant 1.0 and then spend months on making it 64-bit, beta testing it and releasing it. We quickly came to the conclusion that besides from that being going backwards, it would also most likely mean that a bigger Synplant upgrade would be put on the shelf, for who knows how long. We made the decision to keep going forward. I know a 64-bit version is long over due, but I still believe that the result, being Synplant 2.0, will be worth the wait. We will also make it a free upgrade for all our 1.0 users, so that they can keep using Synplant in their 64-bit hosts.

    As to news on the Synplant 2.0 development. This is a tough subject as Synplant is a unique concept. We want to add to it while at the same time preserve the power of its simplicity. Down the paths we have had to test and throw away a lot of ideas that in the end did not turn out to fit the Synplant concept. This has made the development time far longer than we had expected. I have always wanted to get the project into Alpha or Beta as soon as we can freeze the changes on the sound engine. But we are still working hard on features that might be even better if we did make changes, so we have not reached that point yet. All I can say is that we are doing our best to not make this project go on forever. You guys do not want to wait, and we cant wait to wrap this up and show you what we have done.

  • Michael Schirmer

    Any nice news about Version 2.0? :)

  • Fredrik Lidström

    We are working on Synplant 2 right now, but sorry, no news at this point.

    I just read my old post above and want to point out that Synplant 1.2 is already 64-bit if anyone has missed it.

  • be.sonore

    bonjours,des nouvelles pour symplant2.0 merci!

  • Jam Salad

    Does / will Synplant ever go on sale?

  • Michael Schirmer

    they make only good work! So if it comes 2018 it will be bug-free and with everything they want to implement.

    BUt I hope it comes 1/4 of 2016! :)

  • be.sonore

    bonjour!!! des nouvelles pour symplant V2?Merci!

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