Can sam sing?

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  • Kristoffer Ekstrand

    Can you pitch shift words so sam can sing? I have ways of doing it already, eiter by pitch shifting / time in my daw, route it to bitspeek and play it or a pitch shifter plugin. But is there a way to cchange pitch for each phrase. I think I could do that on my amiga... In FL Studio's text to speech (which is not sam) ypu can write hello I(-6) am(-8) sam(+4) wich would make the pitch change for each word.Is something like that implemented in SAM?

    Love permut8 by the way!

  • Magnus Lidström

    No. I could not find any support for this in the C64 version of SAM that I ported. I know that the company had demos of SAM singing already back then. I agree it would be cool, but even though the SAM code is ported from assembler to C to GAZL I still don't understand half of it. So I am not sure if it is easy to implement or not.

  • Kristoffer Ekstrand

    It's not really a feature request, I was just curious and didn't want to miss out if it was there...

    Thanks for the response.

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