Using Bitspeek in Live 9

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  • lkj123

    Can anyone help me get bitspeek to work in Live 9. I would normally send the audio track into the vocoder track, but there's no option to do so in the 'audio to' menu of the audio track. I haven't had any luck with the manual either.

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Now I am no Live expert, but after taking a quick look at it, there seems to be a number of different ways to use Bitspeek in Live.

    The easiest way is to click the header of a track and then drop a Bitspeek Plug-In down in the Mixer Drop Area. Once it is on an audio track, you can create MIDI tracks and then send "MIDI To" -> Audio track -> Bitspeek

    Another way is to drop Bitspeek in the Clip / Device drop area to create a new track for it. It should then show up in the "Audio To" of your audio track so you can route the sound into it.

    Third way I found is to drop Bitspeek in an return track and then feed the audio into it with the other tracks "Sends" dials. You can select "Sends only" in the "Audio To" drop down if needed.

    If you do not see the IO drop downs in the tracks, make sure they are enabled by clicking the small (IO) icon on the right or going to the View menu -> In/Out.

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