Echobode VST plans still in the works?

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  • robsong96

    Hi there,

    It's been some time since the RE came out, and I know you are still working on the Synthplant update and so forth. But I was just wondering if a VST version of Echobode is still planned. If so, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

  • amp

    My "problem" with Sonic Charge is that I would buy any plugin they make in a heartbeat, but product releases are a pretty rare thing. I remember waiting for 64-bit uTonic for what felt like a really, really long time.

    My nr.1 hope is for them to make enough money to maybe hire an extra worker so we I could get more Sonic Charge goodness. So far every plugin they've made is totally awesome. My favorite plugin developer by far.

    So, +1 for VST Echobode, naturally.

    A poll of RE vs VST (vs people who use both) users would also be interesting.

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