Using Midi Channel 2+ with uTonic

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  • Gino Tozzi


    I'm using Ableton Live 9 with Maschine. I use an Ableton Live control template with Maschine for general Live control. I've also mapped another template on Maschine for uTonic.

    The problem I'm running into is that some of the midi controls I've mapped to uTonic are intercepted by Ableton first on midi channel 1. So, for example, when I try to switch drum channels on uTonic (from Maschine), it instead triggers a clip in Ableton. This is no surprise.

    So, what I tried: Making my Maschine uTonic template send midi over Midi Channel 2. Then setting up uTonic to receive midi over Midi Channel 2 in Ableton. The problem is that uTonic does not respond to midi coming in over channel 2.

    Is this behavior expected with uTonic (only abe to receive on Midi Channel 1)? Or is there some way to change the midi channel uTonic receives from inside uTonic? Thanks.

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Sorry for the late response. In case you did not figure it out yourself already, yes, it is possible to set which channel Microtonic responds to inside the MIDI Config dialog.


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