Can I use one license on both my computers?

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  • Fredrik Lidström

    Our products comes with a generous license agreement which allows you to use it on any number of computers where you are the only user of the product. The exception is if you run a commercial studio where others will use the product, you will then have to own one license per computer.

    Here is an extract from the End User License Agreement. This particular section is the same for MicroTonic, Synplant. Permut8, Bitspeek and Echobode.

    PERSONAL LICENSE (personal use)

    A personal registration will grant you the personal license to use one or more
    versions of the Product to its full extent, including the royalty-free use of
    the Product in your productions, recordings and / or performances. NuEdge
    Development (Sonic Charge) will provide you with information on which versions
    of the Product that are covered by this license, and reserves the right to make
    changes to this specification. A single registration key may be used to register the
    Product on any number of concurrent installations, but you are expected to
    un-register the Product after use on a public or shared computer. You are
    prohibited to distribute, lend, rent, sell or give away your personal
    registration key.

    SITE LICENSE (corporate use)

    A corporate registration grants an organization the license to install one or
    more versions of the Product on a single computer. The installation may be
    employed by any single individual at a time, and it may be used royalty-free
    in productions, recordings and / or performances. In the case you wish to
    transfer the registration to another computer you are permitted to do so only
    if the original installation is first un-register. Multiple site licenses may
    (and is expected to) be purchased if your organization requires more than one
    concurrent installation. It is prohibited to distribute, lend, rent, sell
    or give away corporate registration keys to individuals or other organizations.
    In the event an organization is liquidated, any and all licenses for this
    software granted to that organization are automatically terminated. The
    organization agrees upon termination to destroy this software, registration
    keys and documentation (including any portions or copies thereof).

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