Permut8 - Pitch Play Bank - Arp using MIDI Program Change

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  • BRoySound

    Made a Small Bank for all Permut8 Users....Just Pitch Shifted Programs and mapped them to their corresponding notes....Send Anything Inside and make Quick Arp Sounds* can do the same by MIDI controlling the frequency....but this is one alternative's tight, you can make your own musical scale and also alter individual note sounds.....

    Check Video, that'll explain everything
    and Download the Attached Bank

    YouTube Video

    ROY Play with, 1134 downloads)

    B Roy

  • Magnus Lidström

    Yes! This is Good Stuff!

    Thanks for sharing. Nice video too. Just tweeted about it.

  • BRoySound

    Yayy.....Glad you liked it Magnus.....before I was using Sampler (takes 10x more time) or Live Granular (not tight at all).......but found out that Permut8 is the best perfect tool for such awesome tricks......and hopefully this will put a tape stop on people (few on KVR) who say that this is just a noise mangler....It's much more than that for people willing to go deep and find different creative ways.....

  • Martijn Kerkhof

    Cheers, nabbed it!

  • Dan Barrett

    This is excellent work!

  • anthony valenzisi

    This is awsome how can i download link. Tried on safari and Firefox.

    THanks. And great plugins.

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Link was previously broken, but it should be fixed now. If it still doesn't work, let me know what happens when you click it.

  • J Daniel Bécache

    Hi - great vid
    I'm wondering though : at 1'28 how can you alter the programs just by selecting the midi notes and tweek the plug ? I mean I'm on reaper, maybe this is a logic-only feature ?...

  • J. Pablo Arceo

    whoa this is fantastic! thanks!

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