Korg NanoKontrol is a great controller for Permut8

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  • Jonah Sprout

    I know we all want a hardware version of Permut8 with CV inputs, (right?) ;) But in the meantime, the nanoKontrol is a great way to flip those bits! I might get a second one so I can operate both rows at the same time. Or it might be good to put the first 8 bits of each row on their own scene. Right now I have 16 in one row available at once, but I have to switch to get to the other 16.

    The only things I'd like is assign CC numbers to parameters within Permut8 so that my mapping stays regardless of what host I'm using and if the MIDI Control parameter was split into 4 CCs so I could use a button to switch to them without having to assign a slide or rotary control.

    While poking around with MIDI mapping I noticed there are Operand 1 & 2 high/low controls you can get at and they're great assigned to encoders. Try spinning those and flipping bits and clock frequency at the same time! :D

    But seriously it's a really nice way to work with Permut8! I was struggling to find a use for the nanoKontrol, which I purchased on impulse and it fits Permut8 so well I'm thinking about modding it to match Permut8's GUI. :blink: :)

  • Schumann Bach

    Did you mod it? Interested in the outcome:-)

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