Synplant 2 PWM (Pulse Modulation Width)

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  • Martin Jaroš

    Hi all,

    I would like to ask, is there any opinion to achieve or at least to simulate PWM in Synplant 2 when we have 2 oscillators? I tried to do that, but changing a_form of oscillator A change sound only when mix_mod is turned on, if I am right. Like when I hear only oscillator B and whatever I change in oscillator A it does not change anything, even with various osc_mix settings. Anyway I would like just to simulate PWM, like you have square waveform in low register, and more sinusoidal waveform in upper register automatically. I believe it is possible when we have two oscillators? I would like to get this effect in attached .synplant file timbre. I generated this timbre via Genopatch from timbre that like so much, but it is exactly same only in middle and lower register, and it is missing soft upper register due to that missing PWM and then changing square wave to more sinusoidal wave...

    Thank you very much for help!
    pwm_timbre.synplant.txt(2.51kB, 12 downloads)

  • AAV

    Maybe a bit 'brute force' but where i've wanted a similar thing with a synth (not specifically PWM, but where I want a different sound or an added layer to my sound for a range of notes), i will use 2 instances on the same midi channel with an input filter on each channel for the respective note range i want for each. Once the relative volumes are set up for the two patches it's easy enough to either move from one instance of synplant to the other or to just overlay a second patch (in the second instance) for the higher note range.

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