Unexpected Exception in Genopatch

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  • Objctv


    I got an unexpected exception after trying to open file selection dialog in Genopatch. I reinstalled Synthplant - still happens. Maybe this is related that I was selecting samples from the directory/drive that isn't available anymore. Please help :) Thank you!

    unexpected exception.png
  • AAV

    What Operating System, What DAW? Did you try to restart your system after removing the drive/directory you used originally for the sample? What sample format?

  • Objctv

    Windows. Any DAW: Reaper, ABLETON 12, VCV Rack.

    No sample format, I can’t get to sample choice. Exception happens after I click to select a sample.

  • AAV

    In your first post you said you had been "selecting samples from the directory/drive that isn't available anymore." If it were me I would do a complete uninstall/reinstall. Sounds like a Windows issue.
    Synplant 2 works great here in Windows 11, running as a VST3 in Studio One Professional 6.6.1. I have Reaper but I am not a fan so it's not updated and it's never used.

  • Objctv

    I specifically mention “when trying to open sample selection dialog”, later I’m suggesting that Synplant tries to remember and open last used path, which does not exists and exception is thrown. Moreover it seems this is widespread issue with Synplanr 2, as it is mentioned multiple times on this forum. Being software developer myself I can assure you this isn’t a “Windows issue” and has to be addressed.

  • Objctv

    Drag and drop file fixes the issue though, as people suggested in other threads

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