Microtonic on BCR2000

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  • Jan Vandeweyer

    As said before, I am building a BCR template to control Microtonic completely on the BCR2000.
    It takes a while because I want to integrate the midi feedback also, so when you load a preset all parameters shoulb be sent to the BCR, or same when you touch a knob with the mouse.

    Microtonic BCR layout.jpg

    A few things are missing, like the stepled sequence was never integrated as a midi learn parameter, if you read this Magnus, please, this would be amazing.

    The sequencersteps can be midi learned with the midi learn in the plugin itself, but there is also no midi parameter for that in the list, So there is no midi feedback for those, but at least you can draw the notes/steps with the controller.
    Maybe you want to add those too in the parameterlist Magnus?

    It is not finished yet and I will add the pattern chain also on another encoder group.
    Will make a video later.

  • R_C

    Nice 👍

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