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  • Jan Vandeweyer


    Since today I am the proud owner of Microtonic. I would like to test all the existing scripts that are out there. Can someone link me to them? Are the MDK scripts from 2012 still working in the latest version?

  • AAV

    Hi Jan -
    The official scripts are here:

    I missed the MDK scripts when they first came out but downloaded and installed them recently on my Windows 11 system, and they seem to work fine, though I haven't extensively tested them. But I believe Magnus has official versions of all?/many/most of the scripts that replace the original functionality. Not sure though. The MDK scripts are quite old so I personally consider them "experimental", but as I say, they seem to work just fine.

  • Jan Vandeweyer

    Thanx for the link, I got them running now and you are right, seems like those MDK ones are included ;)

  • AAV


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