Microtonic VST3 multi-out not working in Studio One

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  • Kim Joris Boström

    As the title says. The Output selector of Studio One (version 6.6.1 on MacOS 14.5) does not let me activate none of the 8 outputs. The VST3 version works fine. So it seems to be an issue with the VST3 version, not with the VST2 version and not with Studio One.

    VST3 version: Cannot select the outputs

    Bildschirmfoto 2024-06-08 um 14.14.50.png

    VST2 version: can select every output (here only the 1st is selected)

    Bildschirmfoto 2024-06-08 um 14.15.05.png
  • AAV

    Same issue with Windows 11 with Studio One Pro 6.6.1. I use the VST2 multioutput version of Microtonic which works fine.
    Edit to add this issue has existed with Studio One way before 6.6.1 FWIW:


    I could not care less since the VST2 version works well here, if not for the fact that Steinberg is forcing the move to VST3. If you don't care about multioutputs, the VST3 works fine too.

  • Kim Joris Boström

    I care very much, because I'm phasing out all my VST2's as there is no future for them and I don't want to keep ~20 GB of disk space wasted for functionally equivalent plugins, and I expect from a serious drum plugins that they offer (working) multi-outs, since when mixing this functionality is essential.

  • AAV

    Hi Kim. Just for clarification, my answer above was not intended to imply anything other than for my own situation and was just intended to corroborate your observations. VST3 multi output is definitely not working in Studio One, (and this can obviously be a bigger deal to some users than it is (currently) to me). 👍

  • Kim Joris Boström

    From what I can gather from the forum discussion you linked us to, this seems to be kind of a fight who is right. There is no reason why the additional outs really need to be "auxiliary" instead of "main" and there is no reason why these auxiliaries really need to be blocked by Studio One. But both parties see no reason why they're wrong and so they stubbornly stick to their system, no one moves, and the customer has the ass card. Very very annoying..!

  • AAV

    The problem is a very vague SDK by Steinberg, coupled with their move to move away from VST2, forcing everyone including small developers like Sonic Charge into supporting the format for all the hosts that their VST2 format already works fine for. Stupid. I see the problem from both sides. Presonus doesn't want to make changes for (eg) a Sonic Charge that might risk the way other supplier's VST3's interact with their DAW from a performance and stability perspective. At the heart of it all it gets back to Steinberg, the Father of the plugin format that started it all and that we still use and complain about. Lol

  • Kim Joris Boström

    Well... I wouldn't say so. VST3 is actually superior to VST2 in many aspects (plugin nap, solid preset management, side-chaining, ...), and it's good to push developers to adopt an objectively better technology, otherwise nothing will ever change (see MIDI with its gruesome limitations). It was foreseeable from the get go that VST3 will replace VST2 at some point, and there really was very much time to adapt (VST3 was introduced 2008, and still VST2 is not phased out).
    I would say: take a look around. Are there any VST3 instruments, drum machines in particular, that struggle with multi-out in the way that Microtonic does? Either they don't support multi-out at all (which is, unfortunately, still the case for some, which is a dealbreaker for anyone trying to use them seriously in a mix), or they do. But to offer a multi-out support that is broken? And to not address the issue for years? In what universe is such attitude acceptable? Who in the wide world cares if the outs are "auxiliary" or "main"?! Make it work!

  • AAV

    That seems to have escalated(?) I'm not interested in a debate of the merits of one format versus another, or the particulars of who needs to fix what. Not my call. I'll simply say that I bought Microtonic over 20 years ago and I've enjoyed using it and I've never been limited by its capabilities in even the slightest way. This issue is just not as big a deal to me as it clearly is to you. I respect your opinion. Peace and Good luck, Kim.

  • Kim Joris Boström

    AAV, I apologize, I didn't want to sound rude! I was just frustrated over a bug (which I consider it to be) that isn't fixed over a long period of time, despite the dev team knowing exactly what they could do to fix it. I didn't want to bother you in any way! So, too, peace and good luck to you!

  • AAV

    No apology necessary. 👍

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