Last trial week started without using Microtonic.

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  • Niels Otto

    Hey, i have trial problem with Microtonic on my M1 Mac.
    I installed Microtonic on 4th of May, i used it on around 3 days in the first week and around 2 times in the second week, i saw the message 2 weeks left until the last time i opened Microtonic on the 14th of May (its the wav file date Live created after freeze and flatten of the last instance) since then i didn't re-open it in any project.
    Today i opened it again and thought i will see a 1 week left message, but i got the message that i have only one day left, so something must have triggered the counter a week ago, I checked all projects i opened in the last week, none of them had an instance of Microtonic running.

    I use Live 12 Beta, would it be possible that something like the scanning process after a re-installation of Live triggered the counter of the 3. week? I had to do a full reinstall after the Live 12 Betas autoupdate didn't work anymore, this was exactly one week ago, which would match with the 1 day left message.
    I also own Synplant 2 and used it last week, would it be possible that Synplant 2 caused something Sonic Charge related in the registry Microtonic could misinterpret?
    I have no idea what else could have triggered the counter and i never saw a 1 week left message.
    If there is anything i can do about it, let me know =)

  • AAV

    I think the trial period is a (generous, IMO) 3 weeks. As far as I know, the plugin doesn't track if or how much you're using the plugin. 3 weeks.

  • Niels Otto

    - AAV wrote:
    I think the trial period is a (generous, IMO) 3 weeks. As far as I know, the plugin doesn't track if or how much you're using the plugin. 3 weeks.

    It should track the weeks, otherwise i had not made this post, this is the official description:

    "For evaluation purposes you are allowed to try Microtonic for up to three weeks. The trial begins the first time you open Microtonic in your host sequencer. Microtonic then only subtracts a week from the trial time if you actually used it that week."

    And i was very aware about not to open it again, after i had not much time to try it in the first two weeks, so i decided to save the last week until i have more free time.
    I didn't open it between the 14th and 31th of may, so in theory the last week should have started on may 31 but instead it ended.

    Anyway, now i bought it =)

  • AAV

    There you go. Great investment. Welcome to the wonderful world of Microtonic!
    (Wasn't aware of the trial wording - thanks for pointing that out).

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