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  • riccardo ferri

    Hi there,
    just upgraded synplant after whatching a video about the new features..
    the geno thing is amazing!! genial!!

    this new feature just put synplant on top of my favorite synth, i have a few questions/suggestions about usage:

    • Am i wrong or is not possible to edit a specific "piece" of the cake without touching others, i mean, i would like to tweak only a portion of it without changing the main sound, for example i may want a specific sound for low velocity and another for high velocity but as far as i have understood everything rely on the main sound and i can't edit its values until i set it as starting seed but doing that i lose the previous one. Would be great if i can define the end parameters for that portion and it morphs from initial seed to the new setting instead of going completely random. or, i may want to tweak a seed while is still in the "cake" before setting it as a new seed. In oher words, something like a multitimbral patch where every piece can have its own sound and you'll morph from the baae sound to all the (defined) derivates with modwhell

    probably every sound has its own seed so maybe even a simple function that allows a copy/paste for seeds to apply into a specfiic portion will greatly expand synth capaibilities

    • Looks that is not possible to assign velocity to knobs, only midi cc, also, would be nice to have a min-max range for the midi control, right now it just takes the entire range and for some values is too coarse to be usable.


  • Michael Basas

    I'd like to have an Octopus skin or even new Synth of this pleased.

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