Switching Genopatches via MIDI / automation data

Benjamin Bascom46 views2 posts
  • Benjamin Bascom

    I'm absolutely fascinated by Synplant 2 – it's a gamechanger in every respect.
    There's one thing how ever I'm missing or haven't been able to figure out: Is there any way to switch through patches within Genopatch via MIDI or automation data?

    Would absolutely love to see this feature, considering that Genopatch quite frequently feels like a pool for sonic variants of a single (static) sound you've fed it (obvious usecases being i.e. sampling/resynthesizing a guitar string and playing it in polyphony, where each note/strike varies, or a simple Drum sound that slightly varies with every strike, etc)

  • Pete Tinsley

    You could BOME midi translator pro to add the feature yourself.

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