Microtonic knobs not responding to mouse scroll?

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  • ZZZ77

    I'm surprised that I can't adjust the knobs on Microtonic with my mouse scroll wheel, or the touchpad on my laptop. It is such a simple feature, I'm amazed it's missing or am I missing something?

    Microtonic is an instrument that sounds great when it's tweaked, but having to constantly click the mouse button to tweak knobs causes severe wrist strain and RSI, especially after a day's work when I've already clicked the mouse thousands of times.

    Can you please implement mouse scroll wheel / touchpad scrolling to tweak knobs in Microtonic.
    Other plugins that I use can do it, ie. Sylenth, Spire, Uhe, Fabfilter, all Logic plugins, UAD plugins, etc. so it's super frustrating that Microtonic can't.

    Thank you!

    UPDATE: I also noticed I can't enter notes in the sequencer by tapping the touchpad on my laptop. Whyyyy?

  • Karschnackelwackel

    I agree, scroll wheel functionality would be great!

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