Permut8 GUI Question

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  • e@rs

    one strange thing in the permut8 gui is that in INSTRUCTION 1 the INTEGER and RATE labels are not properly centered.
    is this a mistake or is intended to be like that?

  • Fredrik Lidström

    It is actually intentional. I suppose it is a matter of taste, but I choose to center the labels for their specific group of switches. This makes the rate and integer labels not line up with "high bits" as they are only represented by 7 instead of 8 switches.

    If you cover up the top row, or load the linsub firmware, you see what I mean. =)

  • e@rs

    all clear now.
    i probably would figured it out myself but i haven't spent too much time with the manual. i was just flipping switches waiting for a happy accident to happen.

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