Synplant 2 - Adjusting Sample Clip Length

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  • Glen Lane


    I just got Synplant 2 and have noticed that many videos on YouTube show the sample window with adjustment handles at the bottom, so the user is able to adjust the length of the sample clip with its start and end points. Mine, however, doesn't have these. Due to resolution issues on my system, I have to run it at 50% scale, so I'm not sure whether this would be causing an issue. Anyhow, I'm unable to adjust anything with regards to the sample, making the feature basically unusable at the moment. Could someone offer some advice, please?

    Many thanks.

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Once you start searching for a solution, the selection window is "locked in". You can get it back by clicking the trashcan icon.

    If you load a long sample, the selection will be quite small. Try zooming in with the left mouse button + up/down movement or pan using the left/right movement.

  • Glen Lane

    I see now, thank you very much!

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