Anyone know how to find the ratio (C:M) in Synplant? This is my only issue with the plug-in. The value system. It makes me really hate it when it comes to control

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  • El-Hajj Robinson

    I’ve never been so mad about a plug-in until this one, because I just want to know when will the developers change the value system in Synplant? For example, if I want to know the frequency of the carrier (a_freq), I’ve tested myself and with the bipolar parameter in opposite directions, the values are not linear and it makes it extremely confusing for someone who is even really good at understanding FM synthesis. It makes it VERY non-intuitive even for intermediate or advanced users of FM synthesis since we can’t know the values in hertz or preferably ratios since ratios are an easy way to translate FM. Same for the b_freq. I know from a business standpoint, it’s about keeping Synplant its own way, but from a user standpoint, it barely gives us control because I’ve even mapped out the b_freq parameter from 0.5 to 1.0 which goes up higher than 20x the carrier, and anyone isn’t going to know what those specific values are by eyeballing it. It’s impossible. I know that it’s about exploration, but after we find a preset, changing the pitch precisely is impossible, it is practically luck. Looking at an analyzer to find the values takes hours to fine-tune every preset if you are doing it that way which sucks the enjoyment of making music with it right out. I notice the bipolar parameters all have their own nonlinear values so it REALLY does make it impossible to know what specific value we are tweaking just from turning the knob. We can use our ears sure, but our eyes are also important, so while the argument can be about using this tool for exploration, it still doesn’t justify nonlinear values per parameter because that takes away so much control. I REALLY hope this changes about the plugin. FM users really would prefer the freq parameters to be in ratio format, and all other parameters have the same scale and we get documentation about what scale they are set to for everything even if they are nonlinear. Like if at 0.6520 for one bipolar parameters is 25% (except freq a and b for ratio format), then ALL other bipolar parameters need to have that same scale. Otherwise, if all parameters are mapped to their own system, that is impossible to fine-tune just by eyeballing it.

  • AAV

    Are you using the 3 week trial?

  • El-Hajj Robinson

    Yep, and I have spoken to reddit users who have bought the plugin and they say same issue they have with it as well. You can see the parameter described in small words, but given the issue of not listing all specific values we need to know especially for the carrier and modulator in the manual, this leaves us with no control. So trial or bought, this issue is for everyone. This really needs to be changed because if a person generates a patch and wants to simply change the modulator multiplier for the C:M ratio, then that allows us to tune the sound correctly. Without these values set, there are too many atonal sounds (yes with atonal feature off). Because all parameters map pitch differently like with pitch mod, fm amount, b_Freq, a_freq etc., its impossible to fix the pitch to where we precisely want after generating a patch. So not only does a_freq and b_Freq need to be changed to ratio, but other parameters that involve pitch need to be linear and changed to semitones as well. This isn't even just me alone completely frustrated by this. Other users who have bought Synplant on reddit expressed the same feelings.

  • AAV

    Sorry for the delay in replying. I was curious about what Reddit readers were saying about Synplant 2 so I checked out a bunch of them. Most were raves about it, some were begging for a crack version. Most thought the idea was so innovative as to request/wish/hope for their current synth du jour to be more like Synplant and to adopt the "AI" features of Synplant 2. The biggest attraction to me is that it IS unique and not like other synths and as a result, encourages exploration. When I want FM I open FM8. When I want to model something synthy from a sample of something else, I reach for Synplant. The reason I wondered if you were using the trial version is because it sounds like so much of your angst about S2 is due to the fact that it's not like something else. Hope you have/had(?) ample opportunity to test it out and figure out whether it can suit your needs. If I had a vote, I'd hope that the developers stay far away from incorporating the kind of changes you seem to be looking for. But that's me and I don't get a say in these things. I just buy, and use what I love to use. The developers 100% may disagree - In any case, best of luck to you and hope you find what you're looking for.

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