totally blind, looking for best templates to use with maschine? please help.

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  • trey culver

    Hi everyone, hope you're doing well and staying safe. My name is Trey. I'm a totally blind electronic musician from the UK. Recently Native Instruments maschine has become accessible to blind users, and I am running it successfully on macOS with the maschine MK3 hardware controler. I am considering getting my cratonic cause I think it sounds like an amazing drum machine. I have seen there exists a couple of NKS templates for my cratonic with maschine. I would like to be able to do ground up sound design, making drum sounds from scratch as well as accessing micro tonic pre-sets. I do not want to use Micro tonics inbuilt sequencer I will use maschine for my step sequencing needs. Given the use case I have just described, what is the best template currently available for maschine? I know there are a couple of different ones so I'm just looking for advice on which one to choose. Thank you very much for your help in advance everyone and I look forward to your thoughts. :-)

  • larserik

    I've not really found anything other then audio and midi routing templates. Like if you want the first 8 sounds in a maschine group to use the same multi-output plugin.

    What templates have you found sofar?

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