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  • Uffe Thomsen

    Hi Sonic Charge!

    I downloaded the trials for synplant 2 and microtonic and got some very interesting results - great plugins!!

    Since your trials state that they only count down while being used, i took my time to finish the projects. I return after new years to look at the projects only to find that i'm exactly 3 weeks in from when i downloaded the trials (maybe with about 20 hours of total runtime on the plugins themselvses). I'm told by the various start-prompts that my trials have already run out which was quite a bummer. I'm assuming this is a glitch in the trials - is it possible to reset the trials? Would love to just buy the plugins, though unfortunately I'm quite poor at the moment :(

    ps. I already contacted you via your support form a while a go when this occured - never heard back, so i'm putting this here :)

    Much love

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