Question about end user license agreement

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  • Timothy Coffey

    I'm planning to use the Geopatch feature of Synplant 2 to create patches in my own musical compositions using my own audio. Does the end user license agreement allow for those patches to be used in a 3rd party software like Kontakt or Decent Sampler to create sample based instruments with those patches? And would I have the right to share any vst instruments I create, either for free through a site like Pianobook, or for sale commercially as a Kontakt instrument? I plan to purchase Synplant 2 either way. I just want to be clear what is allowed, to be certain I don't use it in a way that would violate the license agreement. I couldn't find clarification for this particular use covered in the end user license agreement.

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Yes, your own presets, whether you use Genopatch or not, are yours to do whatever you want. But we always appreciate a mention if possible.

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